The cognitive functionality of the human brain has inspired the design of our neural network.

Machine Learning revolutionizes

Our machine learning framework is the consequent advancement of neural networks and was tested successfully on many problems.



Our neural network can analyze all digital input.


No unnecessary data analysis.


Our neural network requires no learning target. Correlations in big data has not to be known in advance.


We can customize our neural network quickly for new tasks.

Multilayered and hierarchical

The multilayered and hierarchical setup of our neural network allows the development of efficient models.


The modular setup of our neural network allows the analysis of combined data sets such as visual and acoustic data.


Our neural network allows supervised and unsupervised learning.

Aible Machine Learning Framework Details of the technology

Aible has developed a novel architecture that combines different approaches to resemble the cognitive abilities of the human brain. The modular setup of the multilayered hierarchical artificial neural network allows efficient and effective learning. In addition, our network is characterized by its adaptability and outstanding properties regarding sensitivity, learning speed, and recognition rate. Thus, our technology can be adapted to all application scenarios that require the analysis of big data.

Our machine learning architecture is highly flexible. This allows us to extend our products to applications beyond pure visual pattern recognition. Our network can also analyze combined data sets such as visual and acoustic data. Additional learning targets can accelerate the detection of correlations in big data. If the learning targets are unknown, our network can analyze big data independently.