The Aible team is composed of experts in diverse fields. It is guided by the vision of synergy effects between human and artificial intelligence.

We are working on the future

The founders provide the scientific expertise of three physicists with knowledge of numerical simulations for complex systems. The team is complemented by an economist, who has gained deep insights into the management of several companies during his previous career.


  • Dr. Richard Bredow

    Dr. Richard Bredow

    Founder and CEO

  • Dipl.-Phys. Volker Mosert

    Dipl.-Phys. Volker Mosert

    Founder und CIO

  • M.Sc. Norbert Prinz, MBA

    M.Sc. Norbert Prinz, MBA

    Founder and COO

  • Dr. Philipp Sperling

    Dr. Philipp Sperling

    Founder and Head of Product Management

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Arpad Bischof

    Dr. Arpad Bischof


  • Clemens Hammerl, BSc.

    Clemens Hammerl, BSc.

    Founder and Creative Director, Planradar

  • Prof. Dr. Ronald Redmer

    Prof. Dr. Ronald Redmer

    Chair in statistical physics

  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer

    Prof. Dr. Olaf Wolkenhauer

    Chair in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics