We develop customized machine learning applications to automate workflows as in

Document Analysis Automatic Evaluation of Documents

Image Analysis Automatic Recognition of Objects

Audio Analysis Automatic Evaluation of Speech and Machinery Noises

  • Emulation of human linguistic and comprehension processes enables digital dialogue partners to appear natural.

  • Comprehension and evaluation of speech, tonality, volume and speech melody to recognize emotions and moods.

  • Analysis of machinery noises to recognize problems before damages occur.

Computer Aided Diagnosis Decision Support for Doctors

  • Accurate recognition of conspicuities and inconsistencies that are hardly identified by skilled doctors. Detection of potential health risks to increase the prognosis significantly.

  • Our system is trained with thousands of images to detect early cancer stages.

  • Medication adapted to the personal circumstances of the patient. This is particularly effective in combination with gene sequencing.

  • Our technology evaluates big data instantly to detect connections between illnesses and genetic traits.

Data Analysis Recognition of Correlations in Abstract Data

  • Automatic and systematic evaluation of economic and financial data.

  • Our system allows the application of pattern and correlation analysis in the broad field of Big Data.