Aible DocRecognition Your AI based solution for document processing

Optimized to guarantee high recognition rates in complex documents under difficult conditions.


Aible DocRecognition is a tool collection to recognize, analyze, and process documents based on our artificial intelligence (AI) framework. The underlying neural network design makes our tools highly adaptable allowing us to find the optimal solution for your problem. The flexibility and robustness of our approach guarantees excellent recognition rates even under difficult circumstances.

Complete recognition of text and graphical elements from any kind of document.

Very high recognition rates above 99 percent even under difficult circumstances like highly patterned backgrounds or artefacts within the document.

Extensive analysis functions for document processing: format discrepancy check, document quality assessment, anomaly detection, recognition and evaluation of text and document characteristics, logic and semantic analysis.


    • Recognition and processing of all Unicode characters with recognition rates above 99 percent. Supports machine and block letters
    • Recognition and processing of checkboxes with more than 99 percent recognition rate. Supports machine and manual marks
    • Visual inspection of alphanumerical characters and text geometries, e.g., for quality management and text logic analysis
    • Recognition and characterization of document features, e.g., for categorization, quality management, and feature localization (signatures, logos, images, etc.)
    • Content analysis of text elements to categorize the style or purpose of the document, to recognize language features and to find logic associations in the text
    • High adaptability to optimize the tools for your problem.
    • Flexible output format to interact with other programs
    • Tools for easy evaluation, formatting and efficient storage or transfer of the output data


Document Analysis
Automated reading of documents

Analyzing of medical, official, financial, or historical documents.

Document type recognition

Categorizing large heterogeneous document collections, e.g., classify emails into offers, orders, and contact requests.

Document Analysis
Document Analysis
Quality management

Detecting formatting errors, quality deviations, and anomalies in large document collections automatically, e.g., check compliance with your contract templates or corporate design.

Content analysis

Recognizing content or semantic features in documents. Analysis of the text type, priority assessment based on language, and mood analysis.


You can use Aible DocRecognition as standalone software, as a cloud based service or integrate it in your software.